Be a Professional #CHILLSEEKER

Are you an inspiring, motivational Personal Trainer who wants to take your clients to the next level?

What Is 111CRYO PRO?

111CRYO Pro is an exclusive club for accredited Personal Trainers to help your clients reach their maximum potential. It is a powerful mental and physical tool that will boost your clients’ energy levels, improve focus, soothe aches and pains, and prep them for everything you throw at them; they’ll be ready and willing for Round 2.

For You

We recognise loyalty. We know you train hard too. We want you to reap the mind-blowing benefits of 111CRYO too. So when your client books a session, we treat you to one for free. We even recognise the leaders of the pack by rewarding top referrers with extras. We’ll work with you to help your clients achieve their goals, recommending tailored programmes and providing knowledgeable advice every step of the way; their mind and body will work like a smooth-running machine – you’ll be the superstar trainer that got them there.

For Your Clients

When your clients book with us, they don’t just get Whole Body Cryotherapy – they gain another partner. We give them the tools to go further, the motivation to push, the edge over the competition. We are always available for advice, we will always be in their corner.


They’ll be more driven, they’ll notice their energy levels improve, their minds become focused, their determination will grow.

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What Do You Need To Become A 111CRYO PRO?

111CRYO Pro is for winners. When registering, we will need proof of your qualifications and to proactively have clients. In return, we’ll provide training about 111CRYO and whole body cryotherapy, so you can speak confidently with, and we’ll supply you with literature for further explanation. We’ll also add you to our database of 111CRYO-accredited Personal Trainers, boosting your profile to high net worth individuals who are in the market for an elite training programme.

Sign Up & Register

Register your details here. Please note that you will need to upload your Personal Trainer accreditations, which will be verified before your Pro Membership will be processed.

Clients will need to book within two months of registering for Pro Membership to remain valid.