“As a cosmetic surgeon my interest is not only the aesthetics of the body, but how it functions too. I am always searching for ways to keep my patients feeling their best, and this is why cryotherapy peaked my interest; it addresses issues of the mind and body for a positive effect head-to-toe. From the boost to circulation, to the release of powerful hormones – ‘feel good’ endorphins and ‘energising’ adrenaline – to the anti-inflammatory response, cryotherapy is an experience which uplifts the spirits and improves the form. I use it regularly to stay alert and focused, as well as invigorated and strong.”

Dr Yannis Alexandrides MD FACS

Frequently Asked Questions

After the experience most chillseekers describe a feeling of euphoria and vitality afterwards. This is because of the release of ‘feel-good’ endorphins and ‘energising’ adrenaline.

A lot of people also report that their pain tolerance increases, and inflammation decreases. Finally, many comment that their complexion glows and their skin feels tighter.

  • No – we provide everything you need from head-to-toe

  • Make sure you that you eat beforehand and drink plenty of water. Cryotherapy pushes the body into survival mode, and it’s important that you are nourished and hydrated to experience the full benefits.

  • The treatment itself will not hurt, however exposure to the extreme cold may be a shock to some and those with pre-existing conditions should consult their doctor.

  • Cryotherapy can be used as a rehabilitative tool, however we recommend consulting with your doctor before embarking on a regime.

  • No we don’t use gas. We use electricity which cools the air which is safer than using nitrogen. This method also gives users the true head-to-toe experience because the whole atmosphere has a consistent temperature.

  • Yes, you can take a friend into 111CRYO with you. We will play music of your choice and you can dance around while being exposed to the sub-zero temperatures.

  • The whole body chamber is known to reduce inflammation, so can be used post-workout for recovery.