111CRYO – Whole Body Cryotherapy

The team behind 111 Harley St. has brought – for the first time in the UK – an innovative treatment that combines age-old principals with cutting edge technology and pure luxury. Instead of the traditional nitrogen gas, 111CRYO uses ground-breaking electrical cryotherapy technology which cools atmospheric air to -90°C. It is a whole body chamber, treating the body from head-to-toe.

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Sport Conditioning

In the USA, ice treatment for athletes and professional sports people had been used in the form of freezing cold baths. Once the technology was discovered, this primitive method was soon replaced by cryotherapy. Cryotherapy is beneficial for recovery after exertion and suitable for many sports whether they are short bursts of anaerobic muscle use such a sprinting or endurance aerobic sports such as football.

It enhances muscle recovery by reducing inflammatory responses, and has been said to improve overall performance because of its restorative properties. Cryotherapy is now used routinely in sports conditioning, whether preparing or competing for events.

Beauty Enhancement

For skincare, cryotherapy has been used for the treatment of conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, as well as anti-ageing and skin-toning. When in the extremely cold, sub-zero chamber blood vessels constrict; once back in room temperature blood rushes to the surface resulting in an energised luminosity, much like a post-gym glow. It tightens the canvas and resurfaces skin by reducing the appearance of pores, resulting in an instantly rejuvenated, brighter and smooth complexion. Crucially, it stimulates collagen synthesis – key to the anti-ageing process – for long-term healthier skin both visibly and microscopically. Wrinkles will appear diminished and skin will feel firmer.

Weight Management

A healthy diet and exercise are key factors when approaching weight loss. However, the combination of lifestyle changes with a series of 111CRYO sessions can improve results, helping to achieve and maintain the desired figure.

Cryotherapy works by increasing the body’s metabolic rate (the speed at which it burns calories); in conjunction with regular exercise this effect is amplified to help sculpt the silhouette and aid fat reduction. The extreme cold of the chamber kick-starts the body’s own homeostatic mechanisms to warm it up, using up calories. Up to 800 calories can be burned, depending on clients’ body type and metabolic rate.

Pain Relief

Muscular and joint pain blights many people, and most do not want to rely on traditional pain medication for management. Ice is often applied to areas of pain and this is rationale behind cryotherapy for pain management. As well as numbing the specific area causing problems, there are a number of reasons why it works well as a pain reliever.

After being exposed to sub-zero chambers clients are brought back to room temperature, where endorphins are released. These reduce the body’s perception of pain. Cryotherapy also encourages an anti-inflammatory response, reducing swelling around inflamed areas.

This potent range mimics the powerful and therapeutic effects of extreme cold on the skin. By harnessing the power of cryotherapy and utilising the most innovative ingredients, 111SKIN has created a collection that will reawaken skin, making it appear tighter, look more evenly-toned, and feel invigorated by the fresh yet active ingredient-rich formulas.